Enrique is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

He is an Executive Coach, an Organisational Consultant Trainer and a recognised Speaker and Writer in the fields of Human Resources and Corporate Development. Based in Spain, Enrique works in Spanish and English.

Since 1995, Enrique has been designing and teaching courses and lectures on leadership, management skills development, conflict resolution, emotional and spiritual intelligence, relaxation techniques, coaching, counselling and training processes for management teams. He works in the educational field delivering training and coaching to school management teams, educational advisory teams and teams of counsellors. He has lectured with many organisations and universities across Latin America.

Enrique is a certified coach by the International Coaching Federation in Spain. He trained as a coach in Spain through the Co-Active Coaching Programme of The Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and also Coaching Teams and Relations from the Centre for Right Relationship. He has also trained in Appreciative Inquiry by David Cooperrider of The Taos Institute in the USA.

Telefónica, Santander, Ferrovial, Almirall, Bayer, 3M, Vodafone.

I had the opportunity to work with Enrique on two occasions. I can say that his leadership has helped me develop new skills in my career. I highlight his quietly and clearly driving the process of coaching, leading to a reflection which has allowed me to build a new mental model in the professional and personal field. His professional experience has given me the confidence to open up for relevant discussions that leverage my progress in discovering new ways of working and especially acquiring new attitudes.  
Douglas SilvaDirector of Administration and FinancesTelefónica - Brazil
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