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Elena is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Elena specialises in high performing corporate culture: enabling talent, new competencies, trust and organisation-wide change. Since 2007, Elena has been a strategist, designer, coach and trainer for leaders and teams in global companies. Based in Sweden, Elena works in English and Swedish.

Elena knows first hand the challenge and fun of attracting and managing large, culturally and geographically diverse teams, while steering P&L, envisioning and delivering innovative product and exceeding performance expectations in a fast-paced, competitive context. Her eleven years with Nike and Wieden + Kennedy deeply inspired her as she collaborated with some of the greatest leaders, high performers and creative masterminds of our times, notably Michael Jordan, David Fincher and Dan Wieden, the man who came up with Just Do It.

SEB Bank, O2, Telefónica, BASF, Randstadt/Vedior, Nordea Bank, H&M, Johnson & Johnson, Nike, HP, FMC Technologies, Planar Systems, PEAB Construction.

I have had the great pleasure to have Elena as head of SEB’s Self Managing Leadership course in Stockholm January 2013. From the start I felt that this would be a special experience. It’s been a long time since I’ve come back with so much inspiration. One of the reasons for it was definitely the way Elena completed this course. Elena is professional in her work with people. I saw a great empathy, great knowledge and a unique ability to listen. I would not have missed this course and the meeting with Elena, whom I will always remember in my future work and life. I therefore strongly recommend Elena as instructor, mentor and person. You have given me something special.
René Malmholt RoagerChief Consultant, Business DevelopmentSEB Life
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