Jasmijn is a Leadership Consultant at Oxford Leadership.

Jasmijn is a senior leadership consultant, coach and trainer specialising in personal and leadership development. Having lived in China, the Middle East and Europe, worked in technology, consulting and hospital management, Jasmijn has broad experience to draw on regarding leadership in multicultural settings. Her background in Business Administration (MSc) enables her to understand complex organisational challenges and dynamics.


Jasmijn has lived and worked in 3 continents, providing her with vast experience in managing culturally and geographically diverse teams. As a leader, her main interest has always been in people, their motivations and their (sometimes limiting) beliefs.

Jasmijn is described as a management professional with warmth and geniality, who brings out the core qualities in people. She is warm, inspiring, energetic, open, curious, practical and bold. Jasmijn knows how to help individuals break a vicious circle and uncover each person’s best possible qualities to help them lead the way.


Jasmijn graduated from the University of Twente with a Master of Science in Business Administration. She is a certified professional coach, focusing on core qualities. Jasmijn also trained in Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC). Recently, Jasmijn finished her trainer certification and focused on designing and delivering high impact leadership training and facilitation.

Jasmijn works in Dutch and English.


Ericsson, Philips Healthcare, Johns Hopkins Medical Center and Cleveland Clinics

In a short period of time, Jasmijn was able to win the trust of all parties involved in a very dynamic, multi-cultural environment working with diverse teams. With her diligence, customer focus and emotional intelligence, she builds and reenforces strong relationships.  She communicates clearly and knows how to bring people together towards a shared vision. Jasmijn has found a good balance between being practical and principal.
Diederik ZevenSenior Vice President & General ManagerPhilips Health Systems ASEAN & Pacific
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