Cristina is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Cristina is an Organisation Consultant and Transaction Analyst specialising in Behaviour. She is a Public Relations Graduate from PUC where she specialised in Human Resources, Marketing, Administration and Communication at FGV. Cristina is based in Brazil, and works in Portuguese.

Cristina has international experience in corporate human development and training, and has extensive experience working with a variety of multinational Companies including Texas Instruments and Motorola. As an HR Director, Cristina has implemented a variety of global leadership and ‘rising star’ development programmes.

Cristina is certified to implement the ‘sociocracy’ participatory leadership model (developed in Holland), and holds an international coaching certificate from the Integrated Coaching Institute (ICI). Cristina is a partner Director of Topcoaches, and an MBA teacher in behavioural science at the Business School of São Paulo.

Texas Instruments, Motorola, São Paulo Business School.

Strategic Focusing enabled us to build a new corporate culture based on trust & collaboration, focused on the development of the whole company in an eco-based way instead of the traditional command and control and competitive ego-based way which had restricted our corporate growth. Oxford Leadership’s approach is a pragmatic way of getting business results by connecting people with spirit, wholeness and learning.
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