Cecilia has over 25 years of international experience in Human Resources with various multinational organizations. Her passion is to bring out the best in people, exploring what really motivates them, developing their path to sustainable growth, success, and happiness.

People who have worked closely with her found her to be very energetic, and inspiring. Based in Canada, Cecilia works in both Spanish and English. Key to her success is maintaining constant feedback with her clients which in turn sharpens their objectives and progressively calibrates their strengths to produce the desired outcomes.


Executive Coach, an Organizational Consultant Trainer in the fields of Human Resources, Purpose Driven Leadership and Corporate Development. Since 1996, Cecilia has been teaching courses on leadership, management skills development, emotional and spiritual intelligence.​ Conducted numerous coaching, feedback, and counselling sessions in Mexico, North America, and Asia. 

 In 2005 she joined DDI and since she has gained significant experience in both advising and coaching front-line staff and senior management. 


  • Self-Management leadership Online Coach – Oxford Leadership Academy
  • Change Management certification, Pritchett Institute.
  • MBTI certification and coach American Business Association 
  • Positive Psychology Diploma– Penn University
  •  Master of Arts– University of British Columbia
  •  B.A.  – Universidad Iberoamericana 
  • DDI Certifications L3, GLI, 360, MR, TTT and Facilitation and Pinpoint Coaching.
The SML program led by Cecilia McKay was truly transformational, Admittedly the work challenged me to “dig deep” in the development, acceptance and leaning into my authentic self. Cecilia’s mastery of the coaching approach combined with her compassion created the space for true transformation. Using the SML combined with Mrs. Olivares coaching skills created a unique opportunity to move beyond the superficial and examine my values, beliefs and bias to develop my unique purpose. This purposeful living continues to resonate through both my personal and professional life.
Brandi Trudell
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