Boryana is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Boryana is an executive coach and works with senior leaders to enhance their leadership, coaching and change management capabilities. She has 24 years of experience in various business, commercial capability building and change management roles at local, regional, and global level with one of the world’s largest energy companies. From 2017 is serving global, regional, and local clients as a Coach and Consultant, and also coaching and mentoring young people, teachers, and female leaders as part of non-for-profit communities she supports. Based in Europe, Boryana works in English, Bulgarian and Russian.

Boryana is an executive coach and works with leaders both on their individual development as well as supporting them to streamline processes, improve efficiency and aligning with key stakeholders. Boryana has been involved with large and complex transformational programmes, global learning portfolio management, project and stakeholder management, global capability building programmes for marketing and sales, working virtually across multiple businesses and geographies. She enjoys working as an external consultant and a coach with senior leaders to enhance their leadership, coaching and change management capabilities, and with teams and organizations to build commercial and innovation capabilities.

Boryana has a MA in Psychology and PhD study in Management from the University of Sofia, as well as continuous learning from INSEAD and Said Business school.

She has gone through an extensive list of corporate in- house trainings: Coaching for Development, Talent Management for HR, Change Management, OE for HR, leadership development and D&I programmes.

Boryana is a PCC certified coach with ICF, and ITCA team coach with EMCC. She is certified with Erickson (ECPC), Harthill (LDF Practitioner), Marshall Goldsmith (SCC) and Peter Hawkins Systemic Team Coaching Practitioner Program.

Facilitates OL Self-Managing Leadership program for local and international clients.

Boryana works in English, Bulgarian and Russian.

I have personally experienced your coaching style as intuitive and transformative yet always in a clear collaborative structure focusing on tangible actions to take forward. You're great at helping your coachee develop and explore and trust their intuition. you're unique. Your rich and global experience make you a wonderful counterpart able to offer a fresh and relevant perspective on what your coachee want to work on.
Global Leader, Commercial Transformation Program, Energy sector
You are great to understand your client... who she is, what drives her, her fears, strengths and what makes her happy and what not... this us very strong and important skill. You are very structured which is fantastic, very to the point and help to create deliverables,  you embark coaching fun, you anticipate the situation that your client will have to face...
Global Executive, Insurance sector
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