Azwin is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Azwin is a Trainer/Coach/Consultant whose approach is focused on increasing self awareness, shifting restrictive behaviour patterns and boosting ‘hard soft skills’. Azwin is based in the Netherlands.

His core anchors are authenticity and empathy. After all: only when leaders prove to be truly human and fully alive, and are experienced as such by others, can they inspire confidence and truly lead their organisations through far-reaching, ambiguous, complex change challenges.

He is the author of Emotional Intelligence 50 tips (2000) and Het team in Jezelf (2003). Over time Azwin has developed great capabilities around role-modeling, trust and respect. Simply put: making people believe through words AND actions that they are truly seen and heard.

ING, NXP, Philips, SNS, the Dutch Police Academy

The Journey was a great combination of personal reflection (and action) and connecting as a team. The high diversity of the group turned out to be a big advantage. Everybody was different anyway, so everybody could be themselves. We all contributed to creating a high level of trust and openness, and we all benefitted from the atmosphere. I am looking forward to the continuation of the Journey, in myself, in this team and in the rest of the organisation.  
Paul WoldendorpHR DirectorVedior - Netherlands
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