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Antonella Desneux is Fellow at Oxford Leadership.

Antonella Desneux is Fellow at Oxford Leadership. She is a recognised expert in Social Innovation Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) development. Antonella is based in the France.

As the former Senior Vice President of CSR for leading telecom operator SFR, Antonella has always been driven to implement CSR policies at the heart of corporate strategy as a real performance lever and a major differentiation tool.

For more than 15 years she actively contributed to ensure that SFR not only performed well, but also did good. She has been a pioneer in developing social initiatives for example Phone Solidarity, Arpejeh, and My Camera with professionals that not only fully leveraged SFR’s employee engagement, pride and sense of belonging, but also strengthened clients’ loyalty and willingness to contribute to a common good.

She is regularly invited by the media and politicians to share her convictions on well-being at work, diversity, inclusion and social integration issues in organisations. Antonella holds various positions within leading associations, these include: AFMD Vice-Chair (French Association of Diversity Managers), Board member of ARES, member of the RESOLIS association and Vic (a major HR Dir. network).

It was terrific and frankly speaking unexpected. Absolutely relevant to what matters most to me. I have high expectations as to what I can actually achieve after this. I enjoyed the silent guidance of the group workshops and the wonderful people contributing sincerely.
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