Annelise is an organizational psychologist with extensive experience providing strategic guidance to senior management teams.

As an HR professional for more than 12 years and as a senior leader herself, she worked to co-create solutions in close partnership with business leaders.

Annelise has specific expertise within areas of leadership, talent development and diversity and has been recognized for providing thought leadership on the topic of Women and Leadership. In her most recent organizational role, she worked on a large scale cultural transformation. Annelise is an American based in Denmark who works in both English and Danish.

Annelise’s expertise in designing and executing leadership and talent interventions is based on wide experience in two global companies, Novo Nordisk and Nordea, and as an organizational researcher early in her career. Her strength is combining theory and practice and building strong relationships to create sustainable interventions that take a point of departure in the human dimension and with focus on people development. She is skilled in working with dynamics at individual, team and the organizational levels and facilitating group processes. She is an inspiring communicator who feels at home presenting to large audiences as well as building trustful relationships with teams and individuals.

Annelise has a master’s degree in social policy from the University of Pennsylvania. After completing her degree, she worked for three years as Research Associate at the Center for Workplace Studies doing psychoanalytically inspired field research. After re-locating to Denmark, Annelise completed an additional master’s degree in psychology at University of Aarhus. As a trained psychologist, she is a skilled executive coach leveraging theoretical insight with personal leadership and organizational experience. Additionally, she is certified in methodology as a Facilitator of Transformation (FoT).

Annelise is insightful and inspirational. She knows how to bring out the best in others, helping them to realize their potential by creating the right balance in supporting and challenging their development.

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