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Anderson is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Anderson has more than 15 years’ professional experience working in several companies in the Financial, Retail and Health Sectors internationally. He also has several years experience acting as a Business Consultant, dedicated to contribute with meaning to the Organisations, Industry, Trading and Services in order to develop and become more competitive in their markets. Based in Brazil, Anderson works in Portuguese.

Anderson is a specialist in the development of projects related to organisational structure, strategic planning, process re-design, and executive education. In addition, he also is a teacher of specialist services in Administration, Operations Management, Marketing and Strategic Planning and a Managing Partner of Business Consulting Apicem.

Anderson has an MBA in Strategic Business Management from FGV, a Post-Graduate Degree in Marketing from ESPM and a Degree in Business Administration by UNIFIEO.

AkzoNobel (Coral, AAC), HSBC, FIEP

Oxford Leadership’s programmes deliver a perfect logical and emotional combination of finding yourself, defining and focusing yourself anew. Helped to find what is important in my life. The best course I have ever taken.
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