Alessandra is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

She is an organisational & marketing Psychologist. Alessandra has worked in the marketing departments of national and multinational companies. During her time at AkzoNobel as Marketing Project Leader and then as Trade Marketing Manager, she started designing and delivering a number of training programmes and workshops for sales reps and customers regarding point of sales management, effective communication, marketing, customer excellence and customer relationship management. Based in Italy, Alessandra works in Italian and English.

As coach and trainer, Alessandra specialises in human potential development with specific competence in areas such as Leadership, Management, Project Management, Marketing and Communication. Her aim is to help the development of a higher level of well being, inside organisations and in people lives.

In addition to her Degree in Organisation & Marketing Psychology, Alessandra holds a Masters in Coaching and is a Member of the International Coach Federation and is accredited as an ACC Coach.

AkzoNobel, Eon, Perfetti, Roche and Novartis.

Opportunity to give time, effort in to renewing myself, my behaviours and my future with a wide variety of tools and techniques to open my mind.
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