Reflection: Are you hiding behind your social attributes?

Remove the layers and let the core of who you are sparkle

You are not the title on your business card, the car you drive, the exotic vacations, nor the clothes you wear. But it’s so common to prop up our identity with social attributes, especially with social media and people caring more about getting the perfect picture of the beach than actually enjoying it.

Peel the onion to reveal your core being

  • Try to step out of yourself for a moment, analyse the stories as if you were observing yourself, and try to objectively describe the person in the stories.
  • On the spectrum between your actual life and how you would like to be perceived — where do these stories land?
  • How do these stories make you feel? And if you dig deeper, are they connected to any sense of insecurity?
  • Do these stories resonate in harmony with your vision of the life you really want to live (or rather with your perceived expectations of what you should be)?
  • Which stories would you tell about yourself if you could not tell any of the stories above?
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