World-class expertise in performance acceleration and organisational transformation.

Our programmes and proven methodologies are grounded in real-world, first-hand experience of 32 corporate turnarounds in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

The impact we have on our client’s business performance is significant, but it’s not what differentiates us. It’s being there for the person that gives most meaning to our work. We help clients navigate through the worst of times. It’s being there when they are alone and afraid. It’s the role we play in helping leaders give shape, form and substance to their purpose and identity that sets us apart from management consultants and business school professors.

This is what it means to be an Oxford Leadership™ colleague

We go beyond consulting and delivery, and partner with our clients to ensure an intervention is successful. Our solutions are co-created in collaboration with our clients and blended learning programmes are designed to meet the needs of, and address the total intelligence of, an organisation’s leadership.

Our work engages the heart and soul, not only the head. It is this ‘inside’ work as talking partners, confidantes and mentors to some of the world’s most powerful business leaders that makes the biggest difference. SML, LHPT, Strategic Focusing, Performance Acceleration, Leadership for Growth and similar initiatives aimed at transforming an organisation’s culture to deliver better business performance provide the perfect context for transforming the lives of the people who lead, manage and work in business. Ultimately, we believe, this leads to a better outcome for society.  That’s our purpose. 

Niche Specialists in Leadership 

We occupy a unique position at the intersection of strategy and HR consulting, business school executive development and coaching institutes. Our holistic approach results in transformational change and unprecedented performance.

Inside-out Approach to Change 

Knowing and leading self is the prerequisite for leading others. Our approach is based on scientific research of how the brain creates habits and patterns, how it feels, senses, synthesises, makes connections and choices.

‘When you change, the world changes’.

A Brief History of Oxford Leadership

Oxford Leadership trace its roots back to 1984 when Brian Bacon formed the consulting arm of a global US-based marketing agency. A management buy-out in 1990, and a tie-up with Oxford Research in 1996 preceded the formation of Oxford Leadership Academy in 2005. Prior to its incorporation as Oxford Leadership in the United Kingdom in 2005, the company was based in Hong Kong with operations in USA, Europe, Asia and Latin America.Brian Bacon developed the core methodology in organisational transformation during the period 1989 – 1990. It was used in major global business turnarounds as well as in several governmental contexts such as for the Mexican, Australian and Swedish governments and in the post-Balkans conflict (strengthening the Stability Pact in South Eastern Europe).

In 2012, Oxford Leadership was successfully incorporated into a global partnership with Partners, Fellows and Staff throughout Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia. We advise and partner with senior leaders at the levels of CEO and C-Suite as they execute strategy and develop next-generation leadership in their companies.

The Oxford Leadership Development Programme (OLDP) includes the Self Managing Leadership® (SML®), Leading High Performing Teams (LHPT) and Strategic Focusing® (SF) modules, which have had over 900,000 course participants since the early 1990s.


Leadership for Growth is an inspirational experience that allows personal leadership to be the starting point and anchor for better team and organizational leadership. Our top leaders have benefited from making this leadership journey, that touches their hearts and minds.
Heiko HutmacherBoard of Management - CHROMetro
Oxford Leadership’s Self-Managing Leadership programme was by far the most powerful and moving course I have ever attended in my entire professional career. Brian’s vision and foresight has helped me deal with many difficult situations both personally and professionally.
Vice PresidentWarner Bros
The Presidential lnnova Award is conferred on Oxford Leadership™ in recognition of outstanding contribution to the Mexican Government during the term of my Presidency. This award is an indication of my esteem for Oxford Leadership and its Founder and Chairman, Brian Bacon, whom I consider to be one the best leadership consultants and mentors in the world.
Vicente Fox QuesadaPresident of MexicoMexico 2000-2006
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