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Vertical Learning to support Change, Pablo Tovar

Aug 26, 2016 | Leadership Talks (Videos)

Show Transcript

By 2010, Pablo had been working as an executive coach for several years. Passionate about leadership, he wanted to incorporate a practical, sound and rigorous methodology into his coaching practice to measure and develop the level of consciousness of his clients.

His aim was to deliver an effective methodology to grasp and successfully promote their mind-set transformation.

It was when he re-connected with the vertical learning approach (something familiar to him as a dimension of developmental psychology) that he discovered the Collaborative Developmental Action Inquiry and met his author, Bill Torbert.

Vertical learning is the transformation of how a leader thinks, feels, and makes sense of the world; a technique to develop wider, more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking. It includes the development of both mental complexity and emotional intelligence. Vertical learning can occur naturally, but it can also be accelerated x3 or x5 times under the right conditions.

It has been proven by an increasing number of leaders, and supported by research from well-known institutions, that how we know is at least as important – if not more so – than what we know. This becomes critical when it comes to leading through a VUCA world in order to achieve outstanding results.

That is our commitment: to develop ourselves and the leaders we work with to the space were we all can envisage with perspicacity and perspective; a space beyond what is obvious, where we can focus on the large challenges and opportunities. A space to inspire, relate and communicate with humbleness and courage.

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