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Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Telegraph Interview

Aug 28, 2016 | Leadership Talks (Videos)

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A ‘living research’ project conducted by Oxford Leadership shows that the leaders who are succeeding in this ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ have embraced a new mind-set, viewing the organisation as a living organism or eco-system, rather than as a mechanical machine.

Leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

By studying the leadership practices, culture and ‘ways of working’ of several of the world’s largest corporations for the past 5 years, Oxford Leadership has found the critical leadership factors to be those which encourage organisational adaptability, speed and agility. The study shows that leaders who have most effectively adapted their organisations to embrace disruptive technologies and new business models, have challenged the organisational status quo, defined a clear and common purpose and focused on creating the conditions for speed, agility and flexibility in the organisation.

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