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Defining Leadership 4.0
2017 Global Learning Conference

12th October – 14th October 2017  |  Netherlands, Noordwijk  | Hotel van Oranje

Does the Future Need Your Leadership?

More now than ever, leaders today are faced with questions of “How do you lead an organisation in todays rapidly evolving environment?” Political and social upheaval, combined with technological revolution is fundamentally altering how we work, how we live, and how we do business – requiring a shift in our approach to leadership.

The 2017 Global Learning Conference will identify and define the leadership required to succeed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

In-depth discussions and engagement with industry leaders, intensive ‘Deep-dives’ into our ‘Leadership 4.0 Living Research Project ‘, and insights from our global community, will be focused on discovery – to develop strategies and methodologies essential to navigating the dynamics of this emerging paradigm.

The scale, scope, and complexity of the transformation that is emerging is unlike anything humankind has experienced before – so too, will be the practices of leadership.

What we do know is that the next generation of leaders will be those who can engender a common purpose, create trust, and empower teams to act on their own initiative. They will need the ability to shift the structure and mind-set of the entire organisation, from a mechanical emphasis to dynamic organic living-systems.

How do leaders prepare for this new paradigm, to successfully lead teams and organisations in the most volatile and exciting times we have ever seen?

Leadership in the 4th Industrial Revolution will be defined by the ability to rapidly align and engage empowered networked teams, that have clarity of purpose and fierce resolve to win.

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