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Enabling breakthroughs, with Shuntian Yao

Aug 27, 2016 | Leadership Talks (Videos)

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Creating breakthroughs in an organisation is not only done by breaking new ground in a specific field. It also requires a measure of awareness of one’s state of being and of the energy flow within the organisation.

In order to become more aware of the organisational energy, leaders must create an environment in which employees will be more comfortable engaging in honest and open communication. If leaders can create safe environments in which employees can share their thoughts, experiences and feelings about given matters, they will identify problems and craft solutions for them.

One way in which leaders can create environments that are conducive to honest communication is by having regular workshops where both employees and leaders participate in activities such as team sculpting. These workshops should be presented in a manner that motivates the attendees to voice their opinions and express their feelings about given matters. It is only once the right environment is created, that employees and leaders will start opening up.

Whenever someone identifies a problem, it is important that all attendees listen and participate in the discussion in a non-derogatory and non-threatening manner.

When problems are identified, all those affected by it must give input, as the problem has to be understood in its entirety. For example, someone in finance might not experience a given problem in the same way as someone in marketing. Or females might not experience a given problem the same way as males. Be it as it may, whatever the problem, it has to be addressed thoroughly, otherwise any solutions will be ineffective.

Once a problem has been identified and thoroughly discussed, solutions can be crafted. Again, this has to involve both employees and leadership, as the entire organisation has to be on board with the solution.

By showing employees that they are valued enough to be allowed to speak their minds (especially in the presence of leadership), organisations will see a boost in employee morale, which should decrease staff turnover an increase employee satisfaction. Since people are at the core of any organisation, an organisation with positive, motivated employees and dedicated leadership, can only go from strength to strength.

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