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Fernando is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

He is a highly skilled consultant, facilitator and lecturer, specialising in topics such as communication, relationships, strategic convergence and coaching for leaders and teams, including multidisciplinary teams, working with all hierarchical levels within the organisation. Based in Brazil, Fernando works in Portuguese.

Throughout a career spanning 40 years, Fernando has acquired experience working for different multinational companies in industries such as goods and services, petrochemical, finance and retail. His performance has been focused on the diagnosis, strategies and implementation of projects directed at developing better relationships with markets, customers, suppliers and employees, as well as between areas and internal teams. Fernando’s experience includes participation in projects in Spain, Argentina and Uruguay, and online services in various European countries as well as Brazil.

Fernando graduated in Social Communication and Public Relations expertise for business development. Postgraduate in Marketing (ESPM / SP), has additional courses in Administration, (FAAP / SP), Business Planning and Competitive Strategies (FGV-SP), and Corporate Social Responsibility (ESPM). He is certified as a Master Coach and Mentor by the Integrated Coaching Institute and the Brazilian Society of Coaching, under the supervision of ICF; and a student and researcher on Complexity applied to Management and Leadership.

Very complete and well structured. I enjoyed the methodology and the time for myself to reflect on my past. It is well focused and teaches awareness about execution. I enjoyed the opportunity in the group sessions to listen to others without expecting anything in the group sessions.
Alberto Gonzalez TorresDirectorTelefónica - Latin America
"For many organisations, this is becoming a burning issue. They understand the need to transform, but their...