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Boussa is a Fellow of Oxford Leadership.

Boussa spent 13 years in the Automotive Industry focusing on transferring strategy to operational action. He then moved into leadership consultancy and coaching at Board level. This included the one-to-one coaching of the current CEO of a large healthcare organisation (CHR). Boussa guided the CEO during their transition from middle–management to below-board position, and now finally as the Top Senior Executive who oversees a team of 850 staff. Based in Morocco and Belgium, Boussa works in French, Arabic and English.

Boussa specialises in Change Management, Human Resource Consultancy and Leadership. Further projects include the design and delivery of bespoke Leadership Training Programmes for 50 team leaders with a wide range of capabilities and cultural backgrounds for Syngenta. In 2010, Boussa founded Human Orga, which focuses on management training, skills development, support and coaching of projects at an operational and executive level within all sectors of private and public organisations.

Boussa holds a Masters Degree in Business and Communication, DESS in marketing management and coaching, and a certification in the management of the healthcare sector at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.

Renault, Fiat Group, P&G, King Baudouin Foundation, Dow Corning, Kawasaki Brussels, Syngenta Maroc, AG Insurance, ULB (Brussels University).

Oxford Leadership’s programmes deliver a perfect logical and emotional combination of finding yourself, defining and focusing yourself anew. Helped to find what is important in my life. The best course I have ever taken.
Andre BerningerVP Procurement Telefónica - Germany
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